I have been searching for the perfect rug for a while and I finally found it.

living room


I have a long, rectangular – shaped living room. My fireplace is on one end and a stunning white bookshelf on the other. It has  always been a challenge for me to style this room. This is also, the main room of our house, the focal point and I want it to always look styled and edited.

Add a rug

Add a rug

Its been slow progress to remodel this space; mostly because I am so picky and looking for specific color combinations, patterns and textiles.  I have two kids and a dog, so I am also looking for durability and decor that will outlast their messiness. A couple of months ago,  I found these really cute dark teal throw pillows  for my living room space.  A couple of days later, while shopping at Homegoods, I found this Magnolia Home accent chair that matched the throw pillows perfectly.  We knew they belonged together and brought it home. I was so happy to have found a spectacular piece for our living room space.

To see how  it all started check out that post  here.

Extra pillows


Other decor

Add a rug

I have been adding other details to the living room. My next goal is to find a huge art piece for the wall behind the sofa, a couple of frames on the wall behind the bar cart.  I need to give a little update to our coffee table. Check out this post, I write all about this gold coffee table and how I transformed it. The before and after are pretty amazing.


decorating the coffee table

Styling the coffee table is my next project. I want large oversized books, an interesting piece of art and one of a kind flower pot. Cant wait to share with you how that turnes out.




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