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I love living my best life among friends & family, that’s why I wanted to share a few of my tips & tricks for putting together the ultimate outdoor gathering.
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A Beautiful & Rustic Setting

There is a warm southern breeze finally breaking through…while its been a mild winter here is Texas, it is so nice to be outside enjoying sunny days and 60 degree weather. Its revitalizing and so refreshing to be outdoors, breathing some fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun against your skin. Probably one of my favorite times of the year, because I get to entertain outdoors. This Sunday was one of those days, so we invited a couple of friends over for a Wine & Charcuterie party at the Melendez household. With Böen Pinot Noir wine, a variety of cheeses for the charcuterie tray, and delicious artisan breads -we were ready to party.

I have always loved the simplicity and the elegance of a farm to table, rustic chic inspired table setting…that was my vision for this evening -casual elegance.

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A Charcuterie Board Competition

To make this evening fun and very entertaining, we did a little competition. Each couple brought their own Charcuterie board to share and to get judged. Each board would be evaluated on presentation, taste and originality. This made for great tasting cheeses, paired with the amazing Böen Pinot Noir wine and – of course ….bragging rights for the winners.

We were pleasantly surprised at the beautifully crafted Charcuterie Boards everyone created, and each couple brought my favorite wine. We were not aware of the talent in this group and their excellent taste in wine!! They must have heard me mention my love for Böen Pinot Noir once or twice, lol!

Charcuterie Board

Clyde and I crafted the ultimate Charcuterie Board, click the link and learn how you too can make the ultimate Charcuterie Board for your event. A delicious meats and cheese board, a charcuterie tray is just an elegant way to style and present a light variety of cold meats, cheeses, fruits or nuts. It pairs perfectly with wine. This casual evening was all about Böen Pinot Noir, light appetizers and great company.

And Now it was Time to Party

Let’s open the wine!!! There is something about this wine, it’s history, it’s flavors…I love sharing it with friends and family whenever we gather.

“Böen is a translation of “The Farm” and I chose it as a reminder to myself that the wine I makes is indivisible from the land it comes from that first and foremost, I am a farmer.” -Joseph Wagner ( winemaker of Böen Wines)

Maybe it’s because I admire Joe Wagner’s story: a 5th generation winemaker who is no stranger to the soil. Joe takes a decidedly hands-on approach to surveying his vineyards and cultivating his land. There is something special that comes out of this intimacy with the earth, like you can taste the passion that goes into making the wine. We have been dreaming of taking a trip out to California wine country, to see the beautiful land that has inspired and given forth such an exquisite wine… -maybe one day.

Clyde did the honor, of opening the bottles and pouring the wine! We all admired, and had a good laugh at his pouring style…taking out a napkin, draping it over his shirt, he personally poured a glass for everyone on the table.

About the Wine

Böen is sourced from various vineyards throughout selected regions, Böen offers a nuanced, layered, and complex representation of the most renowned Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wine growing regions in California. It is very smooth and rich and it paired beautifully with the brie that was served; along with the prosciutto. At least that was my favorite combination. Clyde loved the taste of the Gruyere cheese, with the Spanish chorizo and the Böen Pinot Noir.

The evening progressed organically, we had soft music playing in the background, the conversations were hilarious -there is never a dull moment when Clyde is around. Why do we tend to only gather on special occasions? I feel like life is to be celebrated…no special occasion needed! If the weather is lovely, and our schedules are loose, let’s gather. Make life a celebration of the blessings we have received. Take out time to appreciate friends, family and the love of your life. We live such rushed lives, that it is such a treat to pause time – to sit and enjoy…and laugh.

The Votes were in!

Of course the evening got interesting when it was time to vote for the winning Charcuterie board. With game faces on, armed with pen and paper -everyone of us casted a vote…

…and the winners are ( drummer roll please)…

…Oscar and Jen!! They very humbly received their victory, lol!  I still laugh out loud when I see this picture.  Such a fun evening.

But seriously, I mean it, please host one of these nights in your backyard and have everyone vote for their favorite Charcuterie board. It was such a fun experience, we laughed so hard. It is especially fun, if you have some competitive personalities in the group. We are already planning our next gathering, just so that we can compete again.

Hosting Tips:

I wanted to share with you a couple of tips, in hopes that you too can host a Wine and Charcuterie party. Remember, this is a stress free, fun evening…all about sharing life, giving thanks and celebrating life. Here is how I planned and organized my party:

  1. Select an easy menu. Drinks – I began by selecting the wine, I went with Böen Pinot Noir as you know. Let me share with you that link once again, so that you can browse & purchase Böen Wines, from a location near you. Böen Wine Store Locator. We also served water.
  2. Food everyone brought in their favorites appetizers, cheeses and cold meats. Which divides the load of the party and makes it a fun gathering for all -including the host.
  3. Table Setting a relaxed rustic style makes it easy to set up and decorate. With a couple of candles & candle sticks, a table cloth, and baskets with flowers I was able to decorate my back yard. I have included the links to the decor I used making it even easier for you to get this same look.
  4. Weather of course, be sure to check your weather ahead of time, pick a beautiful, sunny afternoon.
  5. Last but not least, perfection is not required. Make this evening all about having a relaxed a fun time. Focus on the people around you, the memories you make is what you will treasure always.

When the party was done and the guests were gone, Clyde and I took out a couple of seconds to dance, laugh and give thanks for each other. I guess you can say we had a mini date after all of this. When we slow down, we can take a longer look at the special persona we have next to us. Cherish, life with your partner, learn to love the little moments, and store them in your heart. Read more about our Mini Backyard Date, by clicking the link. Hope you have enjoyed this post. It is our goal to have inspired you to gather, celebrate and enjoy a Wine and Charcuterie Party!


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