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I have been obsessed with cheese boards lately.  The ones that people bring to parties that have been beautifully curated! They are all over Pinterest and they have a fancy name: Charcuterie board.  I have been fascinated  with them, as soon as I saw them and I wanted to make one for one of my parties. I also wanted to share with you, how easy they are to make – so that – if you dare, you can make one too!!  You know me, I am all about bringing glam to every day motherhood life, but in a non-complicated fun way!! Follow along as I show you how easy it was for me to create this Charcuterie Board!!



For this specific event, I was pairing my Charcuterie board with wine.  So the overall look that I wanted to achieve was a rustic chic look. Nothing over the top fancy, but still curated and styled. The first step to creating your Charcuterie board is choosing a tray or a serving board.  Knowing the theme for your event will help you choose the proper board.

Tip: make sure that you have enough table space or counter space for your board(s) or tray (s). Remember to always leave room for serving utensils, napkins, and other decor that will go on the table.



Now comes the fun part. Choosing what goes on your board. So if you want to get technical, Charcuterie is a French word for  smoked, cured or cooked meats.  It describes an array of preserved or curated meat dishes like hams, sausages, bacon… but let me tell you this…there are no rules. Pick and choose your favorite meats, fruits, nuts, & cheeses.  You can even go vegetarian and combine cheeses with veggies, or even vegan and serve nut based cheeses with veggies and other vegan friendly options. There are some yummy vegan cheese options out there now ( let me know if you need any suggestions)

The fun is in arranging your Charcuterie board, there is no wrong way.  It is all about placing small amounts of your favorite meats, cheeses, crackers, breads, nuts… you decide what goes on, and where its to be placed! The rule is to have fun!

The size of the board, will determine the amount of goodies that goes on it, keep that in mind as you set out to host your own Charcuterie party.   Have you checked out our amazing post on Hosting a Wine and Charcuterie Party , if you haven’t, you know what to do…click on that link!!

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