Homemade Lemon and Sugar Hand Scrub

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Life under the Texan sun

Hey beautiful momma! Do you enjoy taking care of yourself, but you don’t have a lot of time to do it? This is the perfect post […]

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Entrance table

Our Entrance Table

This entrance table has become one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house. I love that it is not new, it has character and a lot of storage. This little gem used to be a buffet table in its former days…after a little love, elbow […]

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Kentucky Derby Garden Party

Need inspiration for a fun, yet elegant party theme?  STOP and STARE, because this Kentucky Derby Garden Party is both stunning and fun! We had a blast playing around with a bright colorful palette, that would stand out against all the green in the garden.  Using roses, topiary, white tents and pearls added just the right amount of glam, this little princess wanted for […]

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